22 Jun 2009
June 22, 2009

Riley in the alley.

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There’s this alley I like to shoot in. My mentor and friend Billy Watson pointed it out to me. He also told me something I agree with. If you put a hot chick in a dirty place somehow things get hotter. I agree with him! read more →

18 Jun 2009
June 18, 2009

Riley Ray Week.

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It seems like it anyways huh? I’m so in love with this chick I seriously want to fly her to Vegas and get married. LOL. JK cause I was there once and never again. I’m sure my infatuation with Riley Ray will pass, too. It’ll happen soon, too, cause I think I just scored a.. read more →

I think I told you last week about my pervy ways when it comes to petite blondes. Well, I luck out again, this time with Faye Runaway. She’s the “bad girl” of porn. Don’t get me wrong — all these girls are bad girls, and I say that with respect. Well, somewhat. LOL. Anyways, I.. read more →

15 Jun 2009
June 15, 2009

I’m stuck on Riley.

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Wouldn’t you be? read more →

How many times do I have to say it? Over and over. I am the luckiest guy in the world. I was in a cubicle working for the man not that long ago. While I was out bringing home the bacon, my wife was fucking around. Now I’m banging the likes of Riley Ray. Life.. read more →