04 Jan 2009
January 4, 2009

Serena Taylor POV Handjob

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Serena Taylor

A lot of guys ask me, “Hey, Mr. POV…where do you find the whores?”

One of the first places I started poking around was a site called Sexy Jobs. There’s some things you gotta know when you’re looking for talent on that site, and some day I’ll talk about it more. But that’s how I stumbled upon “Colleen Del Rio”.

I called her a few times, and I e-mailed her…and nothing. No returns whatsoever.

They one day, like months later, I get a call from a girl calling herself Serena Taylor. I had no idea who she was, but she sounded hot, and she wanted to make dirty movies, so I entertained the call for a while. And then she told me she used to go by the name Colleen Del Rio.

“Holy shit! I remember you! I left voice mails and sent you e-mails, and I didn’t hear a thing from you!”

Turns out Colleen Del Rio / Serena Taylor is like most girls contemplating a career in adult entertainment, and she got cold feet the second her ad hit Sexy Jobs.

And then she changed her mind.

And then I got her to my little ghetto studio to jerk my dick POV style.

The content ended up at the greatest handjob site in the world, Manojob.com!

I swear to all the Supreme Deities in our Universe that I am the luckiest dude in the whole wide world, and trust me when I tell you this: you can be doing the same thing.

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  1. +1, you’re now in my RSS reader. Looking forward to more posts!


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