15 Nov 2012
November 15, 2012

Anal Orgasm starring Melody Jordan

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Melody Jordan porn star

Melody’s Beautiful Eyes

From the intro: “When a girl tells you to “fuck my shit sewer”, you know you’ve hit the lotto. Mr. POV told me that after the scene wrapped: “Billy! Melody Jordan is better than winning the lottery! She told me to “fuck my shit sewer” as she rode me! How’s that for a gal you wanna take home to mom?!” With her perfect tits, flowing red hair, and beautiful face, Meldoy Jordan is, indeed a girl to take home. Maybe not to meet your mom, but certainly to fuck her shit sewer.”

Melody got dropped off at my pad around 10am. By noon I was invading her colon. This, of course, right after she got out of make-up. A lot of fans ask me what these girls are “really like”, and I gotta tell ya Melody Jordan is a cool chick. With the exception of not digging anal doggy-style, she’s a keeper. lol

The best part of Melody Jordan might be her luscious tits, which I enjoyed sucking off camera. I do that off camera cause I know you guys don’t wanna see my fat, slurpy face on those beautiful titties, and I don’t wana piss the members off. Anyway, in the end, I coated Melody’s face, and then I sat back and thought, I’m the luckiest dude alive.

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