25 Nov 2009
November 25, 2009

Casey Chase rocks my world POV sex style

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Casey Chase POV movies

Casey Chase is one hot piece of ass. I mean that with all my heart and soul. Of course I’m being a little sarcastic, but not in a mean way. She’s hot, and I got her on my site, which is fuckin’ cool. It’s an express update. She put on a great scene. I was a little under the weather, so I had a buddy rail her. He’s packing large, too, so she loved evey minute of it. Don’t let these girls tell ya size doesn’t matter. It does. Don’t get me started. I mean I’m Mr POV, but I”m also Mr Average. It’s not bad, but don’t think I don’t wish I was packing, too. Anways, click on her pic and go check out the free Casey Chase movies. You’ll see the face full of cum she got, too. After all, it’s not great porn if there isn’t a great facial!

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