Tara Lynn POV movies

Imagine sticking your dick in that! It’s ammmazzzzing. LOL. I got Tara Lynn over to my pad today for some sucky-fucky, and it was unreal. I think her vagina is the smoothest, sweetest, tightest, wetest, most delightful thing I’ve ever felt. I almost blew like 4 times. Too early. Ever have that problem? When the pussy is so good you gotta pull out early? Just so I don’t look like a total dork, I pull out and then just jump into something else, like pussy eating. I’ll say something, too, like, “damn that pussy is so sweet I wanna eat it some more!” when, in reality, I’m pulling out before I nut all up in that shit. LOL. I’m a total dork. For real.

One Response to Tara Lynn Foxx fucks the shit out of Mr. POV
  1. Tara is the sexiest woman to come along in years , i would suck and swallow anything she put out from that body even crap . Her ass is so suckable, i wish she would sit on my face, where i would cram six inches of tongue up her butt and hope she would dog knot it so i could stay there and enjoy the view from down under for days .


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