Ginger Lee POV sex movies movies

So we’re taking our lunch break — me and Ginger Lee — when she tells me, “you know, a lot of people want to see me doing more boy-girl’s. I haven’t done one since 2007. But you know what? I’m only gonna do them on my terms. I don’t need the money that bad. Bravo Ginger! First, cause you’re a strong women taking control of things, and second, well…you’re doing a B/G with me and my buddy! What a day. We knocked out the three sets of solo stills first, and then went to Subway (like doing sex on camera, Ginger’s very picky about what they put on her sub) and then we came back and did the interview and the two POV’s. It was a great day. Someone, please, pinch me. Is this all real?


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