Madison Scott POV blowjob movies

Madison Scott before her fake tits. Madison Scott has such a tight pussy. Guess what? She let me slip it in once or twice during a BJ scene! How cool is that? You know why? I told her I like to build up my load, and it’s the truth. The best way to do this is to fuck a bit and then stop, but just before you’re about to lose your load. It works, trust me! I told Madison I wanted to really give her a good hosing down, and she giggled and said, “OK, slip it in, but only for a second or two!” This made me even hornier! It was kinda like she knew she was being a tease, and for some dumb reason I found myself getting turned on by her teasing! Like in the old days, when I was in high school, and girls gave you blue balls! LOL. The funny thing was I knew Madison wasn’t going to do that…she was gona take my load all over her cute face. Of course she did. She was wearing her glasses, too, so that made me ship yet another scene off to my bro at Jizz On My Glasses! Those dudes are so cool over there. You should check out their site. It’s rad.

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