10 Jun 2009
June 10, 2009

Alexia Sky once more!

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Alexia Sky blowjob movies

We all have “types” we really dig, and mine is petite blondes. That’s why I brought Alexia Sky back to my pad for some BJ action. I just ran out of my Netflix movies, and the new ones hadn’t come in yet, and I was bored. The next thing you know I’m on the phone to every agent in town trying to find a quick BJ girl for a POV movie. When Alexia’s agent told me she was available and back in LA, I flipped my gord. She’s so my type, and very hot, but to be honest, she doesn’t put on a great show. She can’t really talk dirty all that well, so you know what I had her do? Just keep her mouth shut and moan and groan. She had no problem moaning and groaning cause she’s into cock, so that’s a big plus. It was genuine. Man did I unload all over her face, and then I sold the content exclusively to The Dick Suckers — TAKE THE TOUR AND SEE MORE!

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