Natalia Rossi blowjob movies

OK, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Natalia Rossi is just about the hottest piece of ass I’ve ever had in my life. There’s no way in hell a dude like me could score a chick like this at a club. I could never pick up a girl of this caliber. Don’t talk to me about “pick up artists” and shit like that…I know better. I just thank my lucky stars I moved to Porn Vally and figured this shit out, cause now I’m getting girls like this to blow me for their rate! Natalia Rossi’s rate is equivalent to a super nice dinner and an evening of drinks and dancing…and maybe the hotel room! A mid-level hotel room, LOL. Not like a 4 Seasons. HAHA. I sold this scene — with ease — to the dudes who run Manojob and The Dick Suckers and now are about to launch my site! Hoot hoot! 🙂


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