21 Jan 2009
January 21, 2009

Melanie Malone Video Handjob

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Melanie Malone

For a while, the only place I knew to score chicks were the strip joints, and that’s where I found amateur porn star Melanie Malone. Just take a look at those giant hooters wrapped around my Joe Average Dick.

I’m not hung like a porn star, that’s for sure!

It doesn’t mean I can’t behave like one! 🙂

Here’s some free handjob movies that I shot with Melanie Malone. She’s actually a super cool girl! She loved doing her scene, and she didn’t rush me at all, or freak out that this scene was going to end up on the internet. How cool is that?

She ended up doing more porn movies, too, before retiring. I think she still strips somewhere in California. If you ever run into at her the strip joint, grab a table dance from her! You’ll like it, trust me!

By the time I filmed this, I had a regular client. I think it’s the best handjob site ever, and it’s run by my hero, none other than Billy Watson! He’s a cool cat, and I learned a lot from reading his blog.

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  1. Awesome site. Lets trade links. I don’t see a contact link anywhere on your site so I’m posting as a comment. Let me know if you’re interested.


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