I’m building my own, real site! That’s right!! The brothers from Fabulous Cash liked my work enough to help my build a site!! I’ve been so busy I can’t keep up.

Before I talk about that, let’s talk about India Summer and the handjob she gave me. Am I a lucky guy, or what? She’s so hot. She’s a Cougar. I won’t call her a MILF cause she’s never had a kid (at least that I know of) so that puts her right into Coog territory. She’s so slutty too. How hot is she? I wound up selling the content to the world’s greatest handjob site — Manojob. Click on the link and check out the India Summer trailer!

OK, now I want to talk about my site. It’s called Mr. POV and it’s named after me! Can you fucking believe it? I *am* the luckiest guy on the face of the planet. I am very thankful Billy and Tony are taking a shot on me, and I hope I don’t let them down. Here’s how the site is gonna work: On Mondays I interview a girl and take 3 different sets of hot pictures. The pictures are hirez, and they’re big and I do the best I can on the to make them good. Then, on Wednesday, I bang the girl. When I bang the girl it’s all about POV and all about me keeping my mouth shut and having the girl talk to the viewer. (I got this idea from Billy and Tony. It’s the same thing that makes Manojob such a success.) Then, on Fridays, I have my buddy bang the girls. Here’s why: POV sites usually have the same dude, over and over. I know you’re not gay, and neither am I, but I do wanna see different dudes banging the chicks! Plus, it means Mr POV is gonna update 3 times a week! How’s that for crazy? I know you guys are gonna like it!!

OK — I’m off to work on my site more. We want it up by April, and it’s the end of the month…we’re gonna be close! Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it!!

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