Speaking of Erin Moore, I liked her so much when she sucked my dick, I had her swing by a few days later to jerk me off. I know what you’re thinking.

Why didn’t you fuck her Mr. POV?

Well, a few reasons. First and most importantly, money. These girls are here to do a job, and just like you, when the job’s over, and they’ve done it well, they wanna get paid.

Handjobs are cheap.

Sex isn’t.

So right now I really can’t afford to fuck them on camera. That’s not the only reason. I don’t think I can. I mean I know I can fuck them, but I’m afraid the second I stick it in I’m gonna blow all over. That’s no good! I’m just working up right now to see what I can do on camera, and to try and do it well, and some people think I’m doing OK cause I’m managing to sell my POV movies to Manojob.com, so that ain’t all bad.

In the end I make money having hot girls come jerk my dick. HAHAHAHA.

Ain’t life grand?

Guess what?


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