06 Apr 2009
April 6, 2009

OMG — Abbey Brooks in da house!

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Imagine you’re me. That’s kinda why you’re here, right? You’re sitting in a chair, and you’re holding a camera, and kneeling in front of you is the very beautiful Abbey Brooks! How crazy is that?

A model of her caliber doesn’t come cheap, or even at a “normal” rate, which, these days in Los Angeles, runs around $150 for a handie. $150 – $250, depending on what they do. For example, I have some girls now teasing me by putting the dick in the mouth for a stroke or two. Sometimes that’s even free. Sometimes in the pussy for a stroke or two. That costs more!

Abbey just stroked me off, and it was a higher rate than normal, but I knew I had this scene already sold to the dudes who run Manojob, so I paid it! LOL

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