So check this out. I’m living in LA, and I’m starting to figure out the whole agency game. I haven’t been doing it that long, but I established a relationship with one agent. One day I wake up and check out his site. There’s this new girl from Florida. Her name? Alexia Sky.

Petite blondes turn me on. Naughty petite blondes give me a bigger boner. I called the agent and booked Alexia for a handjob scene. That’s all the money I had. I didn’t even care if I sold this scene. I just wanted my dick tugged by Miss Skye.

She showed up on time. We hit it off. She’s really nice. Totally naughty. You should have seen the short-shorts she showed up in. I think they weren’t even legal to be worn in public. This made my boner grow even more.

The way I do things is to take my pictures first. Then I make the movie. After I blow my load, I take some more pictures.

I knew I was in trouble taking pictures. You know why? I was so turned on, and she was really really good at jerking cock. It was so good I almost blasted. I didn’t, but like I said, it was “almost”.

I had the same problem during the video taping. I kept having to step away cause her hands were so fucking good.

I came. That’s usually when the movie is over. I was still turned out, and my boner wasn’t going away. Alexia took notice. Then, without me even asking, she stroked me off again. I blew twice. I got it all on film. Then I sold it to a great, great website called!

I am getting regular clients! I guess this means more pornos!

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